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What to make of bonds at the moment?

"If you want to eat well, buy stocks; if you want to sleep well, buy bonds": This is one of the many bon mots of stock market veteran André Kostolany. Anyone who was counting on being able to sleep soundly with their bonds/bonds has woken up from a nightmare in 2022. Why?

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Microfinance performs positively even in crisis year 2022

Once again, microfinance is a stable asset class in a turbulent stock market environment and a good addition to a portfolio. Microfinance also delivers real social impact in an increasingly arbitrary sustainability world.

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convertible bonds - a combination of security & returns

Convertible bonds as an alternative to unprofitable bonds? Convertible bonds are an interesting combination of bond and equity investment, the best of both worlds, so to speak. We think they are unjustly neglected by some investors. Read why we come to that conclusion:

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When and where do I buy gold?

There is no honest man! not one, that can resist the attraction of gold! (Aristophanes) - is this saying true. Let's differentiate:

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Can I reclaim my mortgage interests?

On 26 April 2021 the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" published an article with the title: "Thousands of mortgage borrowers affected: Ruling with explosive force on Libor mortgages". The article deals with the question of whether Libor mortgage interest can be reclaimed from the bank since the introduction of negative interest rates. Reclaiming the interest may not be that easy. We tell you which requirements have to be met in Switzerland.

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Frau mit Kinder auf einer Parkbank

Women and Pension Planning

There is often a large gap between the pensions of men and women in Switzerland. This happens, for example, when mothers maternity leave take a break in their employment to take care of their families. This is more often the case in the generation that is now thinking about retirement.

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