Säule 3a indirekte Ammorisation

Indirect amortization

When we buy our own home, very few people in Switzerland can cover the costs out of our own savings - we need a mortgage. Mortgage creditors grant up to 80% of the purchase price as a mortgage, 20% must be borne from your own funds. Two-thirds of the purchase price is considered a so-called first mortgage, for which there is no obligation of repayment. The difference between this first mortgage and the equity is called the second mortgage, which must be repaid within 15 years, or by retirement at the latest. There are two alternatives to repay this part of the mortgage:

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Short-term or long-term mortgage? - an update

Due to the high and stubborn inflation, the Swiss National Bank has raised the key interest rates in three steps from -0.75 to 1 percent. There is currently a high probability that it will raise key rates again in 2023. The forecasts of the various banks and financial institutions anticipate further increases of +0.5 to + 1 percent, which could take the key interest rate up to 2 percent. It should be noted that interest rates at the short end have risen more sharply than interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages and that the spread between SARON and fixed-rate mortgage rates has therefore narrowed. The question now arises again as to how to proceed when taking out a new mortgage or renewing one. What are the options?

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Do children have to support their parents financially?

The question of whether the children must support their parents financially arises, for example, when the parents enter a care home and it is foreseeable that their income will not be sufficient to cover the costs of the home. This leads to a depletion of assets. What happens when the assets are exhausted? Who has to pay for the costs and support the parents?

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Can I reclaim my mortgage interests?

On 26 April 2021 the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" published an article with the title: "Thousands of mortgage borrowers affected: Ruling with explosive force on Libor mortgages". The article deals with the question of whether Libor mortgage interest can be reclaimed from the bank since the introduction of negative interest rates. Reclaiming the interest may not be that easy. We tell you which requirements have to be met in Switzerland.

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