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INVETHOS asset management mandate
You want to have your assets invested professionally without too much effort on your part. With an asset management mandate, you delegate the daily investment decision making to us. We use the mandate to analyse your investment objectives and develop a suitable strategy.
BUILD & CARE Actively Managed Certificate
An Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) with around 20 hand-picked stocks from Switzerland and Europe The Build & Care approach selects companies through an integrated approach: financial quality and good governance (BUILD) combined with detailed consideration of sustainability (CARE) This AMC combines the expertise of two specialists: Invethos AG, a leading Swiss asset manager with a focus on sustainability Advanced Investment Research AIR, an independent European research house
INVETHOS foundation mandate
You are a foundation or an NPO and wish to use your investments to achieve both a financial return and a social impact. The INVETHOS foundation mandate combines these objectives. We offer individual ESG mandates and also invest in impact investments on request. The mandate includes a sustainability report and a newsletter covering foundation or NPO topics. On request, we can consolidate various assets via our digital platform.
INVETHOS ESG plus mandate 
We offer you a choice of three sustainable investment strategies that combine high quality with the greatest possible transparency. We diversify your assets, but without the use of overpriced investment products or hidden additional costs.

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