Succession Planning is postponed for a number of reasons. Settling your succession matters early on may open up new opportunities to you. We provide advice in matrimonial and inheritance law and take on the management of your estate assets. Some of the questions involved here:

  • Should we place a matrimonial and inheritance contract?
  • How can I simplify our succession matters and benefit my spouse?
  • Should we pass on part of our assets to our children during our lifetime?
  • How do I set up a donation contract properly?
  • How are estate assets split up?
  • Which tax issues do I have to consider when planning the succession?
  • How do I fill in the taxation forms for the community of heirs?

We also provide entrepreneurs and their businesses with advice on Succession Planning. Beside solutions in the areas of matrimonial and inheritance law it is vital to have a closer look into both the legal form and organization of a business and the tax situation. In all these areas we can consult you competently.

  • Which legal form should I choose?
  • How can I pass my business on within the family?
  • How do I sell a business?
  • How can the buyer finance himself?
  • Would a marriage or testamentary contract make sense when it comes to planning the succession?
  • How can the heirs that don't take over the business be compensated?

Please contact the following people when it comes to Succession Planning:

Marc Baumann
E-Mail: marc.baumann(at)
Tel: +41 (0)31 311 87 10

Hans-Ulrich Gilgen
E-Mail: hansulrich.gilgen(at)
Tel: +41 (0)31 311 87 11