We provide advice when it comes to planning your Retirement and effective Provision for your older age. As independent Advisors we help you choosing the most suitable Pension Products (e.g. Insurances) and allocating your assets in view of older age and (early) retirement.

When planning your retirement we help you figure out the fundamentals for decision-making in your specific situation so you know what to expect when the time comes. If you wish we can illustrate the different retirement scenarios and their effects with a comprehensive financial plan. We answer your questions concerning the AHV (Alters- und Hinterbliebenenversicherung = Swiss Federal Insurance for Retirees, Survivors and the Disabled), Employee's Pension Funds and specific Asset Allocation towards Retirement.

  • Should I draw my AHV-pension prematurely?
  • Should I choose to receive a onetime allowance or a monthly lifetime benefit?
  • Do I have a good Pension Fund?
  • Do I need an extra insurance?
  • How far will my assets take me if I manage them myself?
  • How high are my costs of living and which expenditures can I influence?
  • How do I figure out an Asset Consumption Plan?

On demand we analyze your Pension Fund and your specific situation within it (for both employers and employees)

  • What does my pension fund look like compared to other ones?
  • Does my pension fund provide good benefits in old age?
  • Are the conversion rates advantageous?
  • Are my insurance benefits sufficient?
  • What about the administration costs? Are the high or low?
  • Is my pension fund good and in line with the regulatory requirements?

In the area of Retirement Planning please contact:

Stephanie Cuche
E-Mail: stephanie.cuche(at)invethos.ch
Tel: +41 (0)31 311 62 39

Marc Baumann
E-Mail: marc.baumann(at)invethos.ch
Tel: +41 (0)31 311 87 10