We advise natural persons in financing issues und compare different mortgage offers for you. After examining market data and market opinions we analyze the interest rate environment and the expected interest rate development. Based on this we provide you with the ideal financing structure and present the most suitable products for your situation. By request we develop a long-term capital flow chart on which you can see the appreciation of assets and both the direct and indirect amortization of your mortgage.

  • What kinds of mortgage products are there?
  • Should I go for a fixed rate mortgage and if so for how long?
  • How should I pay off my mortgage?
  • Which debt-equity ratio is reasonable?
  • Which stress scenarios have to be anticipated?
  • Which are the tax advantages of indirect amortization?
  • Is there a point of holding real estate through a company?

For Professional Investors: We offer to review and structure your entire financing portfolios and to establish dynamic interest hedging. Financing and interest hedging are examined separately and can be negotiated with different providers.

  • Does the current mortgage portfolio correspond with the underlying interest scenarios?
  • How can I hedge my mortgage portfolio and accordingly how can I control the duration of my mortgage portfolio?
  • How can I hedge my interest but at the same time pay off my debt?
  • How can I protect myself against rising interests but at the same time take advantage of sinking or low interests?
  • How do interest swaps work and how do I apply them?
  • How do swaptions work and how do I apply them?
  • How do interest options work and how expensive are they?
  • How can dynamic interest hedging be controlled and implemented in a company's investment-, financing- and liquidity planning?
  • What are the advantages and risks of the different financing options?
  • Are the conditions of the different products (mortgages, swaps, caps etc.) advantageous?

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