We advise you when it comes to establishing a foundation be it is for charitable reasons or for consolidating your family assets:

  • Should I set up my own foundation to support charitable organizations?
  • How can I pursue my goals within an existing foundation?
  • Under which circumstances are foundations tax-exempt?
  • Can donations be deducted from the income tax?
  • How do I organize a grant-making foundation?
  • How can I donate effectively?
  • What are my donation options when it comes to specific charitable goals?
  • Are there other ways of supporting non-profit organizations?
  • What are the advantages of Social Impact Investments as opposed to conventional donations?

Please contact us if you are interested in establishing of Foundations:

Marc Baumann
E-Mail: marc.baumann(at)invethos.ch
Tel: 031 311 87 10

Lukas Stücklin
E-Mail: lukas.stuecklin(at)invethos.ch
Tel: 031 311 87 10