It is our goal to advise you competently and independently in all wealth matters. We offer you sustainable investment opportunities and avoid both intransparent products or unnecessary risks.

Our fee model is easily understood, open to scrunity and eliminates wrongly set incentives. This is why we believe in the following Business Principles:

Expenditure-based Fee
We charge according to the costs incurred (and not by percentage of your assets!). Futhermore we do not accept commissions from third parties.
Open Architecture
We choose the best products from third parties independently and don't contract with them. Most importantly we don't receive any commissions for the products we offer you. And because we don't we are free to advise you against investments should they be a disadvantage for you.
Consistent Attitude in Tax Issues
We only manage declared assets. And we make it our business to help you with your tax declaration and advise you on your taxes in general.
Transparent Solutions
Together with you we look for the best solutions for your investment needs. We speak your language and try to spare you unnecessary technical jargon.
Value based Investments
Invethos offers you a comprehensive choice of Impact Investments, that combine both financial and social return targets.
Sustainable Value Chain
Whatever serves you serves us at Invethos, too. Our Business Principles ensure that not only services and investments follow ethical principles, but that the entire value chain does.